Alpha Company

Operation: Northern Wind
A robot, a musclehead, a klepto, and a woman on fire walk into Norway...

December 1941: The team was sent to Norway to investigate reports that Robert “Wehrmeister” Steinbacher had been spotted in Maloy. The team piggybacks the planned Operation Archery in order to get into the city. They meet Martin Linge, who sends them with a couple of his men to act as guides, as well as Holger Carlsen, a Danish resistance fighter sent to Norway to learn tactics from Linge.

During the team’s initial meeting with Linge’s Company, a couple of soldiers scoffed at the idea that Wehrmeister was looking for Thor’s hammer. Upon investigation, the team discovered that he was digging near an old farm that was ravaged by many a lightning storm. The team made their way to Old Man Norvell’s farm, and discovered Wehrmaster and a troop of Nazis frantically digging through the farm.

While the team battled Wehrmaster and his Nazis, Carlsen unearthed Mjolnir. He delivered the deathblow to Wehrmaster. Automatic American attempted to take the hammer from Carlsen, believing that an item that powerful could not fall into non-American hands. The Norwegians intervened, stating that the hammer was rightfully Carlsen’s, since only one who is worthy can wield the Hammer of Thor. After an intense standoff, the Automatic American relented. Carlsen promised that he would use the Hammer to fight the Nazis and then return to his adopted home.

After the battle, Alpha Company returned to their homebase, only to find out that Commander Linge died in the attack on Maloy.

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